02 April 2011

Day19 (1st April 2011)

Wuhuuuu...i manage to do my 2.5km for 35mins the weight is still 66KG :(, yessss...i drank my vege fuel with apple juice and i have my tom-yam mamee(mee hoon) for lunch, i have tapai and junk food in the afternoon :S(arghhh spoilll), and of coz having my steam fish again!! for dinner and tonight i manage to make 3 type of juice and safe it in the friedge :D

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

errr i forgot to take the carrot picture hehehe and carrot juice! this 3 are the 3 concertrated fruit no additional sugar or water added, i guess this will be added to my vege fuel drink tommorow (i think i will start for the green apple juice)

Alhamdullilah i have update til day 19 of my project hope i will maintain my diet, insyaallah...aminn!!!

*Project "Biggest Loser"*

Day 18 (31 Mac 2011)

I done my treadmill for 35 mins to 2.2km. Then i start my diet, i half portion my lunch, i ate mee hoon goreng saja then afternoon i only eat popia. balik rumah i feel hungry gila!!!then i ate the mushroom soup again for dinner and today i add it up with steam fish yummyy gila!! i feel full, this is my second day nda mamam nasi!
(The steam fish is cook by my lovely sister..thanx sis for supporting my diet...love u)

After my dinner i go shopping wif my other sister

(thanx to u too..love u ..and thanx for supporting my diet jua..mun ku kurus nanti jangan nda kenal ah..duduudu)..Alhamdullilah now im surrounded with healthy drink

and healthy food

fruit a lot of fruit this is only few of it..i like it the process of my project went very well so far ALHAMDULLILLAH!!

*Project "Biggest Loser"*

Day 17 (30 Mac 2011)

The durations of my treadmill extend and now i manage to do 2km for 30 minutes walking+Jogging, my weight still 66Kg :( *bila tah kan turun ni* so i went to the store to get something for suppliment maybe there is something can turn my lamak into muscle....

wuhuuu konon konon dapatlah nanti my body ada bigi bigi esehhhh...mudahan saja..amin!!! this is just FYI :
  • High Quality & Complete Protein Source
  • All Vegetable
  • Lactose Free and Approved For People on Milk-Free Diets (Lactose Intolerant)
  • Sugar Free and Contains No Artificial Sweetners
  • Unflavored
  • 100% Pure
Vege Fuel is more than just an ingredient for a high protein shake; it can be used in cooking, much like flour, producing high protein foods that are extremely low in fat.

Vege Fuel can be used as a meat substitute. Or picture something like this: your basic blueberry muffin, containing about 260 calories, 40 grams of carbohydrates, less than 1 gram of fat and 35 grams of high-qualify complete protein.

*the sales lady said it is suitable for lady so i bought it with 30% discount only for that day (what a coincident..hmmm).

first time i drank it, it taste awfull and pastikan i minum dengan soya bean(since the instructions says it can be drink with your favourite beverage) huhu kompom ter-ke-lu-ar huhu then try to ate it with quaker oat still experiencing the same thing.(nah bekirik ku plg). Then i try to drink it with orange juice and green apple juice for the second day and alhamdullilah boleh control lah ehhehe.

I feel so daymn hunggry around 6pm, then i decide to make mushroom soup for my dinner and i dipp it with hotdog bread toast with butter spread and mix herbs with a few drop of olive oil on top of it heheh (home made ja bah nada french toast) and it taste so yummy!!!.

*yeayy!!! i succeed to skip having heavy meal for my dinner

*Project "Biggest Loser"*

Previous Record

Day 1 (16 Mac 2011)

I have no class in the morning but i woke up early and very enthusiastic to try the treadmill it only last for 10 minutes then i feel so tired and exhausted. i remember i scale my weight and it scaled 67.8Kg :S i am FAT!!!

Day 4 (18 Mac 2011)
i lost my weight and drop to 65.2Kg, daym happy about it hehhe mayb my body is only full with water retaintion.

Day 5 (19 Mac 2011)
Kekajutan balik my weight naik to 66Kg i guess scale atu rusak hehhee

Day 14 (26 Mac 2011)
The routine still going on and jumpa sabry, he is one of my good friend, he and alief told me about this one susu yang boleh kurus kan badan!!! so i decide kan beli dari ia since alief cakap ia inda minum lagi, so bila i tengok ..:S ( i dont drink susu yang rasa susu kambing) but alief insist it taste more like soya bean tawar, so i want to ganti lah dari sabry

but sabry dengan baik hatinya bagi saja though the milk is quite a $$$ (thanx sabry :) lap yu), and and sabry bawa belawan sapa dapat turun kan 5KG in 1 month, makin bersemangatlah diri ini. So i decide to drink it on Monday lah (c alief ni mengajar katanya start saja ari isnin sebagai permulaan)

(Ofcoz lah mun namanya kan kurus ani nda tah senyaman coke kan) but quite ok jua mcm nya c alief rasa soya bean tawar hehehe

Just incase my body getting slim and i dont want kulit i ayun ayun bila bejalan tak kencang tak macam bergetah huhu so i go lah and buy this..

(i still dont know whether its effective or not but i just use it every time i use the girdle during the routine. i dont remember when i bought this girdle but it sure helps me to burn those fat!! go fat please go away go!!! and the dumbell i bought long time agooo and it still good and HANDY during the treadmill huhu

*Project "Biggest Loser"

01 April 2011

Another Friday


Bertemu lagi kita di hari jumaat yang mulia ini eseh, usul2nya every friday tah saja alai ani free ni hehehe as ussual tadi patang pun i go UBD lagi dan membuat kerja kerja yang terbengkalai, today i semangat sangat nak blog mayb because there are a lot of things that im ready to share here in my blog.

Insyaallah i will selalu selalu update my blog,actually something is playing on my mind just now,when i was busy washing the dishes, i feel like want to update the blog but sometimes i am lack of idea, then!!(ting ting)*kuar lampu 100watt atas kepala*...i've decided to make one project for this blog.

baiklah...mari kita buat intro untukk project ini..how i end up with this project actually bermulalah kisah ini, pada satu petang yang hujan 14 mac 2011 after visiting my aunt d tungku, sis and i decide to buy shoes, so we all go and surf for the shoes somewhere around qlap.

(yes we manage to buy something but nope its not shoes)

jalan punya jalan punya jalan our plan detour to SDA gym equipment at qlap, discuss punya discuss ..nah kau nahh belurihhh!!!

treadmill!!! wuhuuu kunun lah ni kan exercise berkobar kobar tarus d jiwa when it place in our extra room at home and now i call it "Mini GYM", then ofcoz i ask for free gift as u know (c zuin tau ni aku jinis majalll) i demand another big bulky gym equipment as a free gift..pajal punya pajal (coz my mom punya bapa punya saudara punya anak kawin sama anak kaling kali iatah ada sedikit keturunan memajal in my blood) she agreed to give us ...jeng jeng jeng

yeayy!! another jungle gym untuk org basar!!

and and i asked for the iron weight 20kg for another extra free gift, alhamdullillah she said in one condition jgn bagi tau org ia bagi byk free gift(opsss terblog pun).

keisukkan harinya,bermulalah babak pertama, wahh semangat nya saya, tidak terhingga lagi behhh..what i like about this treadmill it design in motor driving ala ala JPMC gym so nda payah lah lagi kial kial(dengan ati nda rela) kan k JPMC,

(can u see there's a lot of functions)

ahhh this is one of my favourite, we can watch video or listen to the music (siap dengan speaker lagi and usb port for pendrive) atau look at your fat picture as a motivation untuk kurus huhu

u see the song ive upload to my pendrive, and hey look anuar zain folder(dedicated to cg rosma and cg hjh mana tau beliur jua kan membali heheh)..and yess of coz glee!!

alhamdullillah ever since then my exercise routine on treadmill everymorning almost everyday..and ofcoz lah makin sehari makin semangat lots of stuff i bought to help with my new routine now, especially taking diet suppliment for boosting my muscle and to slim down my body (esehh) dari sinilah bermulanya project saya ini untuk memblog secepat mungkin apa yang di buat hari hari seterusnya dalam usaha mengurangkan berat badan yang gendut ini.

dengan kalimah Bismillahirrahmannir rahim Project "Biggest Loser" akan bermula hari ini !!!!
*di minta para pembaca mendoakan semoga project ini berjalan lancar amin!!!